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Sexi massage sex massage guide

sexi massage sex massage guide

the company. The ugly older sister strategy is when the massage parlors inject lookalike fake photos amongst the real photos. One of the keys to a good erotic massage (and massage in general) is to keep a flow and ensure the massage has symmetry, this flow sometimes gets lost in a longer session. Shell bait and switch girls on clients, over-charge for all extras and her girls will watch the clock like fucking ewoks. Erotic Massage Fake Photos Scam 2: Every masseuse is a model, this fake photos scam is when the massage parlor simply can't be fucked with posting any real photos amid the fakes so they just go all out. Otherwise shes left wondering if youre just a therapeutic freak or a cop trying to entrap her with that half chub youve got brewing. Well leave those tips for next update of our Erotic massage parlor tips as this shit is nearing on an essay and Im sure you degenerates just want to furiously masturbate at the massage porn Ive ejaculated below. The problem is there's tonnes of competition and the girls know that a picture of a comfortable massage table isn't going to be enough to lure you. Every girl pictured looks like she's from Playboy or a Japanese bukkake video. Damn, Im sounding all educational and shit! If I'm browsing adverts, I'm not going to stop at one advert and think "wow check out the thread-count on those towels!" or zoom in before exclaiming "Almond oil over Jojoba oil? If this browser is likely to be used by minors, check this box so that this warning appears each time. If you have, theres a good chance you know that its an erotic massage parlor so they dont have to dance around the subject. Here's a perfect example. Some of the more popular girls will sometimes decline two hour sessions in favor of two clients in one hour allotments. Ive never booked a 30 minute erotic massage session but have overheard plenty of customers who have. Fake Photos in online adverts, today's update on our ever growing erotic massage guide will be on the topic of fake photos. Heres some details you should be dickballing; The mamasan / boss: Many parlors are ran by a boss lady who runs the show, shes often referred to as the mamasan in Asian massage joints.

Sexi massage sex massage guide - Massage parlor

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Erotic Women of Pattaya - Sex guide to Redlight District in Thailand.

Sexi massage sex massage guide - sex-massage

Lastly, the girls definitely prefer the shorter sessions. So the devious bosses started posting pictures of the masseuses supposedly working at the parlor as that will draw in the horny guys. You gotta be subtle though as erotic massage is fairly taboo so staff cant come right out and ask if youre here to shoot loads. You'll notice the first two ladies are pictured in the reception of the shop but strangely Coco is outside holding a bunch of flowers? If a true mouth-breather like me can navigate his way through hundreds of blistering hand-jobs and sloppy blow-jobs then you should have no problems. 2 hours : If you really want to soak in the erotic massage experience then you can lock down a girl for more then one hour. Some guys will just see the seductively posed, hot, bunny-faced girl on the left and start running towards the car with wallet and erection at the ready. They wont assume you want the same girl as you may feel like some variety or perhaps the previous girls snatch smelt like a melted cheese sandwich. Now I know some of you are pleading  bro Im socially retarded I cant do this!

Sexi massage sex massage guide - Darwin Adult Massage Guide

Thankfully erotic massage parlors run by the the bad mamansans / harpies soon close shop as they get no repeat business. Dont say something autistic Dont say something autistic. Ok let me illustrate with some real adverts that I found. Have you been here before? The websites don't allow you to save the photo's or reverse google image them as you'd surely find out they are used on dozens of escort profiles. This is dicey though as the girl may get booked out and you cant extend the session (then youre out of time with a boner!) or she rushes the massage as she thinks you just wanna get off. It's pretty hilarious as I see the photos and think "If that girl did happen to an erotic masseuse then she'd be jerking off prime ministers not perverts like me!". In this devious scam, the massage parlor posts a lineup of real pictures of the average looking staff and then one photo of an extremely beautiful girl. I'm sure when customers question the fact that their masseuse looks twenty years older than the first girl they get told "is me but old photo honey". Secondly, it just gives the owner an out when you say "Hey that's not the girl from the photo" as you can't see her face so as long as she vaguely looks the same then they'll insist it's the same girl. Free swingerklub odense body to body massage 7 day premium access, no Ads Exclusive Content HD Videos Cancel Anytime. In these cases the shop always plays the "same girl - look, same clothes!" card and they hope that you're weak / horny enough to just say fuck it and go with the lady who lives in a gingerbread house. It contains X rated texts, photos and videos that may offend the sensibilities of some people. We'll break it down into sections shortly but before we do, here's a few common photo tactics by the businesses who post these fake photos; The pictures are often small and poor resolution so it's hard to make out exact details. Can you name an ideal body-type, it could be a celebrity, an athlete whose body inspires you? Its much better for the masseuse to start your massage off knowing that youre here to get get your balls purged. So that's when the fake photos started to creep in and once one massage parlor started, the rest followed suit and we now have tonnes of adverts where every masseuse looks like she's hot enough to be in a K-Pop group. Heres my advice / erotic massage parlor tips; 30 Minutes: Some guys choose to get in, get off and get the fuck out. Leave no erections behind Oorah. Youre here to experience an erotic massage and having them think you are a regular makes that a much simpler mission. I do this if I know a girl has an erotic massage technique that rocks my world but I would never book a two hour massage with a masseuse I hadnt tried before. By signing up today, you get one week free access, no Ads Exclusive Content HD Videos Cancel Anytime. Now I'm certain in the early days of the internet, the girls posted real pics but they swiftly realised that guys don't want a massage from a creature that looks like she's from the Upside Down. When you turn up and find none of the advertised girls working you'll be told such tales as "those girls are on holiday "they left and we haven't had time to update the gallery" or "it's same girls, you need eye prescription not massage darling".

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